Pre-sleep stage

Our sleep lab is located in the Research Wing on the 13th floor of Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic. Participants will have their own bedroom and will be asked to get ready for the night (e.g. change into pajamas). In this room we set up the EEG cap, and this process usually takes around 30 minutes. While setting up the cap, participants can watch television or read a book if they want to. When everything is ready, we ask the participants to complete an easy task that requires only 15 minutes of their time, then we let them read or watch the television until they feel ready to sleep.

Sleep Stage

Participants will sleep with the EEG cap on for the entire night. While it might be slightly more difficult to fall asleep, our participants find that they can sleep for the entire night with no problem. If during the night they need to use the bathroom, they can simply notify staff by pressing a red call button that will be clipped to the bed sheets. A staff person will arrive to help unplug the EEG cap.

Post-sleep Stage

In the morning we wake up the participants at the time they specifically requested. After repeating a quick 15-minutes task, they can shower and change their clothes. We will provide a meal pass to have breakfast in the cafeteria.